In Chiang Mai we attended a cooking class that was arguably the best meal of our entire trip. The same day we headed to a Monastery about 45 minutes away. The staff at the cooking class were very helpful and awesome! They even provided a cook book with everything we learned and more.   My favourite part was the fridge full of Thai beer and of course the scenery! Here are some more photos: Recipes:

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Thailand with the Devine’s!

Posted on July 02, 2016

This trip was amazing! So many amazing memories. A big thank you to Kimber and Elsa, as well as Brad and Hailey, they are so sweet.  In early march I received the email that Hailey and Brad had spaces available on their up coming trip to Thailand. How could I say no! A 10 day long adventure in Bangkok and Chiang Mai completing service work, visiting temples and exploring. The flight I took departed from

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Interview With Adam!

Posted on May 04, 2016

Adam | Graduate Researcher & Student Resident Meet Adam, he is a graduate researcher and student resident here on Coconut Island with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. His main area of focus is marine mammal’s use of sound, their hearing capabilities and bio sonar. Bio Sonar is the emission of an acoustic signal and the reception of the signal echoing off an object in the environment. The animals use that echo to visualize their

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It rained a bit!

I am so BURNT out! I have been working so hard since the beginning of March, I need a break! I have a friend visiting at the moment and have been very tired. This means I won’t be fulfilling my Cali dreams on this trip, but I am still off to Thailand in June. We’ve seen a lot of violence here, I have even been an unbiased witness to the police. Lately I’ve been taking

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Feature: Si Moore

Posted on April 07, 2016

I feature his photography around my site; but must dedicate a post to him! His pictures are so nostalgic and beautiful, they caught my eye instantly when I found him on Instagram. I reached out to him and was able to get a sample to feature here! These are 35mm and medium shots! Enjoy 🙂 Expanding Me | Passion

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Snorkel on Reef 42: Protected Coral Reef

Posted on April 06, 2016

Today we went to Reef 42, a protected reef in Kaneohe Bay! We saw eels, sharks and lots of giant sea turtles! The coral was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it. Being under there is surreal, it feels like you’re apart of a secret world. This experience was pure magic for me. I wore a wet suit due to my chronic fatigue, and the experience was really comfortable; of course afterwards I got really

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We all know the stereotypical things like: Flip flops are called slippers and people eat SPAM like it’s going out of style, so I thought I’d write a list of other weird things! In Canada, I am considered an adult; here I am not. There is no lottery or gambling. Volcanic Fog. Pidgin language; sounds very weird to unsuspecting ears. “Da Bus Yo” means, when’s the bus arriving? I suspect… The pronunciation and spelling of

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A Vlog! Coconut Island Life

Posted on April 02, 2016

For anyone interested to see more of Coconut Island; here is a vlog my friend Nikki made on her last day! We always have a lot of fun when we work together; I am so happy she is staying in Hawaii despite the end of her internship! Coconut Island is off the coast of O’ahu; one of the 8 major Hawaiian Islands here! The Island is also known as Gilligan’s Island as they used it

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Mike; PHD Student University of Hawaii – Research Associate | Smithsonian Conservation Meet Mike, he is a passionate PhD Student with a very important message about our coral and how successes can be seen as a species saved, an eco-system saved or human behaviors changed. Humans play the most important role in this urgent situation. Conservation means different things to different people. Any reason to conserve is an important reason in Mike’s eyes. When we

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  Expanding Me

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